Our Values & Specialism

Our Ethos:

“Be the best you can”

Skinners’ Academy is a truly great school offering an outstanding, all-round education, and is determined to be one of the best schools in London. We believe that all pupils, regardless of background or ability, should be supported to excel in all that they do.


Our Values:

Inspired by the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic values, the Academy’s values reflect those of the London Games, in a way that is appropriate and authentic to our Academy and serves to contribute to being part of the legacy of the Games. These include:

Friendship – At Skinners’ Academy we value the contribution of others. We aim to make friends and be a good friend to others.

Respect – At Skinners’ Academy we respect each other and respond to our learning activities positively.

Equality – At Skinners’ Academy we believe in fairness and that the diversity of our community gives us strength.

Determination – At Skinners’ Academy we aim high and will not let minor setbacks divert us from our goals. We will always keep trying until we succeed.

Inspiration  At Skinners’ Academy we are motivated by the examples set by our heroes and strive to reach similar heights.

Courage  At Skinners’ Academy we are not afraid to take risks. We actively seek new experiences so that we can learn new skills.

Excellence  At Skinners’ Academy we strive for excellence in everything we do. We want to be the best we can be.


Our Specialism: (Enterprise)

‘Providing pupils with the skills they need to succeed in Life’ that is what Skinners’ Academy believes Enterprise Education can provide for our school community.

Enterprise Education is a high priority for the Government therefore Skinners’ Academy is delighted to be at the forefront of this movement by employing Enterprise as our Specialism.

Enterprise Education will support pupils with the ability to navigate the adult world. It will give them the confidence they will need to deal with different aspects of life and work.  Developing on Enterprise skills will help pupils to tackle a range of tasks they will be expected to complete in adult life with confidence, these can include:

  • Tackling a job interview
  • Planning for a house purchase
  • Understanding how businesses operate
  • Creating financial budgets…etc.

Young people today have varied ideas on the type of career they would like to have. To successfully peruse any career; to their own benefit and that of the economy and their local community; Skinners’ Academy have chosen to focus on 10 enterprising skills, these are…

Enterprise A4


Our enterprise culture influences all that we do and is part of what makes us stand out as an academy which cultivates the ‘whole child’. Therefore, within the past few years, we have worked with more than 50 local, national and international employers in addition to other education providers, so that our pupils can benefit from professional industry expertise.

Our professional Industry links include:

  • Involvement from organisations including Enabling Enterprise, Mosaic, the BBC, the Brokerage and others;
  • Inclusion in local regeneration projects with organisations such as Berkeley Homes and Edible Landscapes.
  • Unique educational enhancing opportunities in conjunction with Into University, the London School of Economics, Cambridge and more.

Whatever our pupils aspire to achieve, our specialism will allow every pupil to receive a high-quality and engaging learning experience. This will aid them to reach their full potential in whichever employment, training or education setting they move on to.






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