Act now: Important changes to the Skinners’ Academy app

27th February, 2019

Just over 1 year ago, we launched a Skinners’ Academy app… in conjunction with the education tech company Piota. In this time, we have had just shy of 1000 downloads which is incredible – as it is another platform through which we can stay connected.

However, due to a change with how the App Store works – we need to change the way you access the app and are aiming to do this with minimal disruption. The Skinners’ Academy app as you know it will not appear as a standalone downloadable entity on any of the app platforms after this Friday 1 March.

You can still access the same great content however by taking some action, which will take less than 2 minutes!

You must update our school app to a new version which is faster, has fewer bugs, and can handle the latest software. To get the app on either your phones or tablets simply search Piota Deeper Engagement in the Apple or Android App Store or click one of the following links:

For Apple devices click here

For Android devices click here


Once you have downloaded the Piota Deeper Engagement app, in the search box start typing the name of our school and click it once it appears.

The app will remember your choice and always load to our school.

Please note that now means on your phone you will be clicking on the Piota app, not one saying Skinners’ Academy – but once you take one minute to set it up, it will default to Skinners’ Academy and you will see the app as you recognise it.

Don’t forget to go to the settings section and reselect your preferred notification channels.

Looking forward to keeping connected. Please do take a minute to do this now.