Celebrating another successful Year 7 trip to Wales

4th December, 2017

This year’s annual Year 7 visit to Wales was a triumphant success.


The annual Year 7 trip took place over a two-week period in November, where we saw over 120 Year 7 pupils embark on the ‘Hampshire & Cass Foundation Mountain Centre’ where they experienced all that the Welsh countryside had to offer. They took part in various activities including mountain walking, waterfall trekking and caving, all the while taking in the wonderful sights of South Wales, Brecon.


Not only was this a highly energetic, active and educational trip, this was also a chance for wonderful friendships to blossom, new friendships to be made, and a lot of self-learning. Pupils pushed their limits, grew in leadership, conquered their fears and achieved things they never expected to. The staff accompanying were able to get to know pupils better and aid them in their journey of becoming young adults, gaining independence and a sense of responsibility. Pupils were rewarded for being courageous, using initiative, showing compassion and displaying teamwork.


The Academy and all the staff who attended were extremely proud of how all the Year 7 pupils conducted themselves and what they achieved. Well done to all, and a huge thank you to the staff at the Hampshire and Cass Foundation Mountain Centre who were all superb.


Thank you to all of the staff who attended and/or organised the trip and well done to the Year 7 pupils who stepped out of their comfort zone and took advantage of this excellent opportunity.