Digital Day 2018 at Skinners’ Academy

19th November, 2018

The annual Digital Day hosted by the Academy’s ICT department was a successful one-day event delivered by Bravand, a digital design company founded by Jilly Cross. It took place on 12 November at our Year 9 and 12 computer scientists and Year 12 digital media students welcomed this fantastic opportunity to work with digital professionals who have worked with clients such as Betty Boop, ASOS, Men’s Health, Paco Rabanne, Nandos, UCL and more.

Digital professionals, Jilly Cross and Ross Musgrove, came to our Academy for a day to inspire our pupils giving them:

  • Insight into the depth and breadth of careers available in the digital sector.
  • Practical advice on how to get into the digital sector, expressing the importance of soft skills as well as technical skills
  • Hands-on experience tackling challenges relevant to digital media professionals – challenges from sponsors BBC, Vodafone and FA

The challenges taken on by our pupils from brand sponsors included:

  • BBC: Develop an idea to market Earthlings, an up-coming BBC program. They had to consider how they would create a big impact and encourage the audience to stay tuned on a weekly basis.
  • Vodafone: Design a tool using VR (Virtual Reality) or AR (Augmented Reality) technology to change the way people shop on the high street, how more people can be attracted to the high street as well as bring the high street shopping experience to remote locations and disabled customers.
  • FA: Develop ideas to help increase the number of people following The England Women’s Football Team (The Lionesses) competing in FIFA World Cup in France 2019. They also had to consider how they would increase the number of girls aged 8-16 playing for local clubs.

Our pupils really impressed Jilly and Ross with the ideas they presented in the afternoon. Our pupils were extremely lucky this year, not just due to the exposure to digital professionals that they could learn from directly but also as a bonus, each group was awarded a prize by Jilly and Ross, Nandos vouchers!

“Digital Day was a good way to open up our minds about the digital industry. I learnt about the various jobs available in the sector and it made me realise that I need to continue networking to gain more information about all the possible opportunities available out there in the World of work. The day helped me develop my soft skills which I will use in a lot of places in the future.” (Huseyin Atim, Year 12)

“It was very interesting to find out about how you can get involved in the digital media industry even if you have not studied a related course before.”  (Ali Atim, Year 12)