Duke of Edinburgh at St. James’s Palace

14th October, 2016

On 13 October, myself, Armend and two of our Skinners’ Academy PE teachers; Mr Howe and Ms Bouwers, made our way to St. James’s Palace to share our experiences of taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh – Bronze Award in Year 11. We were greeted by Deb Dowell who gave us a tour of the palace, including the throne room which with no doubt was the most jaw dropping area of the palace to see with its gold frames and red accent details. Paintings of monarchs hanging along the hallways gave the palace a very historical feel, we could almost feel the presence of all the monarchs pacing down the halls.

Armend and I had the opportunity to share our experience taking part in the D of E Programme to a captive audience which included the likes of Mark Foster (former Olympic Swimmer) and Gillian Anderson (star of the X-Files), many of whom had themselves completed the D of E programme. With no doubt, it was an honour to speak about our experience and meet all the amazing people who are involved with the programme.

The D of E has been an on-going experience for me, the expedition itself was thrilling, full of anger, pain and most importantly excitement. Being given the opportunity to tell people about this experience has made me realise how much I value the opportunity to take part in the D of E programme. I truly cannot wait to complete my Gold Expedition now that I am part of the Sixth Form.
Magdalena Maciejewska, Year 12