Medic Mentor Society launches at Skinners’ Academy

23rd January, 2019

Skinners’ Academy students interested in pursuing a career as a doctor, dentist or vet will gain a powerful extra resource to help them achieve their ambitions in the form of the new Medic Mentor society which launched at Skinners’ Academy on 21 January 2019.

Medic Mentor is an organisation whose “mission is to ‘Motivate Medical Minds’ and provide a platform for future healthcare leaders to develop their skills and grow”. The organisation will be providing the study and reference resources and sometimes access to medical professionals to help guide them through the process of clarity in relation to their career ambition.

Our students are understandably excited about this new student-led society, especially following the brilliant opening session delivered (via Skype) by Dr Siva (Dr Dhakshana Sivayoganathan) – President of Medic Mentor.  She oversees the overall running of the Education Directorate and the committee of Vice Presidents.

Tajala Ali, Year 10, who will be leading the student society at Skinners’ in conjunction with a committee of (yet to be confirmed) students who are as passionate about making a success of this society said:

“The Skype session with Dr Siva was a great confidence booster for those of us from years 10- 13 on the long journey ahead of us in our chosen pathways.

In the session there were a number of interesting topics up which were beneficial for all of us. In addition, a year 13 student had asked on how he should get ready for his upcoming university medicine interview in February. The Doctor then explained all about the process of the interviews.

She explained that interview will be held in many different ways. It could range from having a panel of doctors who will judge you based on questions given to you on the spot, which will help you showcase your skills on coping with the pressure present in the room or you may even be given scenarios in which you will show how you would deal as a professional with the patient.”

Tajala went on to say that “Apart from the application aspect of choosing to be a medical student/ Doctor, through the Skype call, Dr Siva from Medic Mentor also explained her passion for her job. She explained that she found it really rewarding to see her patients being cured however made the important point that there is an emotional impact especially when having to break down bad news to a patient. This is why the industry for Medicine is not only hard or challenging at the stage of applying but also in the role for a number of reasons including how one handles a situation at hand.

With the Skype call coming to an end, we were left to venture the vast cave of our future… now guided by a lantern where we could use all this new information to build a brighter future not only for ourselves but also for those around us!”


The Medic Mentor society at Skinners’ Academy is open to Year 10-Year 13 students who have a genuine interest in medicine, veterinary medicine and dentistry and who are within striking distance of the very competitive grades needed to secure places on these courses at university level. At this stage, we will see that as predictions of grades 9-6 (A*-B) at GCSE level but students who don’t fit this profile and would like to find out more about the opportunity are welcome to come and speak to Head of Careers, Mrs Visram (based in G30) about potentially getting involved.

Congratulations to the students involved to date. We look forward to following their progress along this journey.



Students interested in gaining access to professionals and valuable information in relation to these roles should book onto the National Healthcare Weekend.

National Healthcare Weekend

Doctors, dentists and vets will provide invaluable insight and network with students in Years 10 – 12.

Day 1: Insight into Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary

14 unique talks for each specialty looking at experiences from A Levels, throughout university and leading to life as a fully qualified professional.

Day 2: Medicine only UCAS Lectures

A full day of lectures covering work experience, personal statements, interview techniques, etc. led by our team of doctors.


Dates: 26th-27th January London

2nd-3rd March Birmingham

30th-31st March London

Registration starts at £25. Students from low-income backgrounds and teachers can attend for free.

Students can register and find out more information here: