Careers & Opportunities Information

Welcome to the home of careers, opportunities and progression information from Skinners’ Academy – this is an evolving page on our website.

As a parent / carer / student within the Skinners’ Academy community, we hope you already realise our commitment to quality Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) – ultimately promoting careers and enterprise opportunities for our pupils. Beyond academia, there is a lot happening here at the Academy on a daily basis – and in a bid to ensure that opportunities are being communicated as effectively as possible, we have introduced this Careers and Opportunities information page designed to help you support your child/ren when it comes to seeking and applying for beneficial developmental opportunities.


Not every opportunity here will be relevant for every pupil. Like in the ‘real world’ when opportunity / job hunting, sometimes there will be varying criteria which mean that your child/ren may or may not be eligible. Sometimes, factors such as age, ethnicity, family history of higher education and more may apply.

As ever, we encourage your child/ren to be the best they can be, which often involves taking a chance and applying for opportunities which they may or may not secure. It’s always worth the attempt though. While you’re never guaranteed to secure an opportunity when you try, you are guaranteed not to secure it if you don’t.


Do also remember however that whilst every effort is made to only include high quality opportunities and information Skinners’ Academy cannot be held responsible and advise that you make your own due diligence checks to ensure you are happy with the quality of any opportunity


See below for some websites which are worth following for exciting opportunities







Pure Potential is an independent organisation which raises the aspirations of thousands of sixth formers every year, encouraging them to apply to, and achieve offers from, excellent universities and leading employers. Click here for the events and opportunities page.





Get a foot on the career ladder: GoThinkBig can help you get the skills and experience you need to help land your dream first job. You can access interesting work experience opportunities via this link.






Success at School is the place for young people to explore careers, get the lowdown on top employers, and search for the latest jobs, courses and advice. Click here for work and study opportunities (including degree apprenticeships etc.)


July 2017

Click here to access the July 2017 bulletin (#2)

This edition includes a number of exciting summer opportunities with imminent deadlines including Vodafone’s learning to code day for girls; paid work experience at Sir Robert McAlpine; National citizen Service (NCS) and much more. It also includes a reminder about A-Level / BTEC and GCSE results days and confirms the dates for next year’s Year 10 and Year 12 work experience weeks.


May 2017

Click here to access the May 2017 bulletin (#1)

This edition includes information about UCL’s bring your family to university day, Year 10 & 12 work experience, post-16 apprenticeships, opportunities to join Skinners’ Academy sixth form, London Transport Museum pre-employment course, Classics Summer School at Oxford University, National Citizen Service and more…