The welfare and safeguarding of all pupils at Skinners’ Academy is always our highest priority and our policies and procedures are subject to regular audit by governors and inspection by the relevant authorities.

If you suspect a pupil is at risk of harm, you must report it to us immediately.

Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mr Jay Kerby (Senior Vice Principal)

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead: Ms Clare DeJode (Head of Student Services)

Designated Safeguarding Officer: Ms Cathy Carroll (Academy Nurse)


All pupils are assigned to an advisory group that meets every day. The advisor and the year heads are our pupils’ first point of contact and the main links with home. Daily advisory sessions deliver a programme to enable the monitoring of attendance, progress and wellbeing of pupils and refer those who require additional support and guidance to the mentoring team.

Mentors are members of the behaviour team who support pupils to overcome any barriers to their learning including behavioural difficulties, academic support and social skills.

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