Post-16 exploration: Sixth form taster day for our Year 11s

3rd December, 2018

In the Autumn term, Year 11 pupils participated in a sixth form taster day to help them prepare for the transition into post 16 study. They enjoyed the privileges of being a sixth form student including wearing our smart business dress code and being allowed off site for their lunch.

Pupils chose four or five A Level and BTEC qualifications and experienced lessons in these subject areas. They also got to use our state of the art sixth form facilities. All were encouraged to try subjects they may not have had the opportunity to take before, therefore, Government and Politics, Psychology and Digital Media proved to be very popular.

In chemistry pupils carried out an investigation on endothermic-exothermic reversible reaction on copper sulphate crystals. They also built models of simple organic molecules.

Our prospective historians participated in a trading game which simulated the conditions that caused the Great Depression.

Pupils debated democracy in the UK in their politics lesson. They worked in teams to create their own political parties with a five-point manifesto, logo and catch phrase. The leader then had to deliver a motivating speech. Their peers then voted for their winning party using the First Past the Post voting system as used in general elections in the UK.

In economics pupils learnt about Price Elasticity of Demand (PED), which tries to explain the extent to which demand might respond to a change in price with all things being equal (ceteris parabus). To put it simply: We know that water is much more essential to human survival compared to diamonds and gold yet the price of diamonds and gold are extremely expensive. The concept of PED helped pupils to understand why this is the case.

Travel & Tourism gave pupils the opportunity to explore the different benefits that the travel and tourism sector creates with the primary focus being on employment. All pupils had the opportunity to apply for a Virgin Atlantic Holidays apprenticeship scheme by developing their destination knowledge. The pupils found this very interesting and were all able to select a designated holiday for specific target markets and promote the main features of the destination. This task enabled pupils to gain an understanding of the apprenticeship process and the necessary skills and qualities required to secure a placement. The most challenging/fun part of the exercise was the group interview process where all holidays were pitched to decipher who would be hired!

In sociology pupils debated why they thought more people might be getting divorced and looked at statistics across time. They used this information to think about how events in history could have impacted divorce rates.

English Literature pupils were introduced to the concept of dystopia. They used pictures and extracts from The Hunger Games to acknowledge the importance of hope, fight and knowledge in order to achieve a better life.

In business pupils developed their knowledge and understanding on market share and the formula used by businesses to calculate their market share percentage. Pupils were also able to explain the benefits, analyse and interpret market share data.

We hope this event provided useful insight into what studying at the Skinners’ Academy sixth form is like and hope that pupils who are excited about the prospect of studying here will apply to do so. Applications are open now via this link.