Curriculum Offer

Information about the exciting new curriculum offer is evolving and you are in the right place to keep up to date.

The following qualifications are offered to students who gain a minimum of 5 GCSE grades A*-C including Maths and English. In order for students to study A-Level maths and/or science they must have obtained an A grade or above at GCSE. All other subjects require that students receive a B grade or above at GCSE.


GCE A Levels: Most students studying an Advanced Level programme (Level 3) will be undertaking at least 3/4 A Levels.


BTEC Extended Diploma: some students at Level 3 will benefit from a more vocational, coursework based approach – and BTEC qualifications provide this option. Students have the option of undertaking a ‘triple’ BTEC. For the BTEC programme, we expect students to have achieved a C in a similar subject at GCSE.


Home Languages: Pupils who have achieved a GCSE in Polish, Portuguese or Turkish may have the opportunity to pick this up as an additional (i.e. 4th) A Level subject.




Click here to access a list of all Post-16 subject options available at Skinners’ Academy (A level and Vocational subject information listed in alphabetical order, for your reference)


Please Note: For progression into Year 13, students must achieve a minimum of three Ds or a Pass (BTEC) at the end of Year 12.

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Making Post-16 Choices

UCAS statistics indicates that over 60% of learners entering university have a combination of qualifications. It is therefore important to check the particular course entry requirements before applying for universities.

Bear in mind, that if you are thinking about applying to Russell Group universities, it is essential to consult their guide – Informed Choices – which gives clear recommendations about their preferred A-Level subjects. In addition, some career paths (such as medicine and engineering) have subjects that are essential to take if you are considering a career in these fields. At Skinners’ Academy, we will work with you to ensure that you are making subject choices which will aid in your university / career ambitions.


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