Sixth Form Dress Code

We expect the standard of dress to reflect the Sixth Form students’ positions of responsibility within the academy.  Therefore work wear should replicate a smart formal business style dress that would be acceptable within a professional office or similar environment. Students should be mindful that at all times and in all places their appearance and conduct contribute to the community’s perception of the Academy.  In particular we expect the Sixth Form Students to set a positive example to the younger pupils in Years 7-11.


Permitted Dress Code

 Male Students  Female Students
  • A 2 piece suit of a dark colour (Tailored Jacket and matching trousers) or smart dress trousers with a blazer (both of a dark colour)
  • Shirt with a standard collar where the top button must be done up
  • Tie (no character ties)
  • Plain jumper or cardigan of a dark colour
  • Leather look/ upper /type shoes
  •  A 2 piece suit of a dark colour (Tailored jacket with matching trousers/skirt) or smart dress trousers/skirt with a blazer (both of a dark colour)
  • Shirt or Blouse
  • Plain jumper or cardigan of a dark colour
  • Fine / opaque or black tights
  • Leather look/ upper /type shoes (Flat / Block heels – below 5 cm)
*Students may wear discreet jewellery only (watch, necklace, ring)**No student is permitted to wear any visible body piercing with the exception of: modest earrings, in keeping with business attire, and one small, discreet, nose stud.*** Make up and nails  should be discreet



Religious clothing

Skinners’ Academy is respectful of all religions and aims to provide the opportunity for students to express their faith.  To this end 6th form students will be permitted to wear various dark coloured headdress including, the hijaab, topi, skullcap and turban to support religious express in addition to the business uniform.  Or alternatively they may wear a dark coloured jibaab and thobe.


Unacceptable Dress:

  1. Trainers, canvas or flimsy footwear (including flip flops / ‘Ugg’ boots and heels higher than 5 cm and of a kitten or stiletto style)
  2. Denim is not allowed in any form i.e. jeans, skirts or jackets
  3. Leggings / Combat/ Cargo trousers / tracksuit bottoms
  4. Polo Shirts / T shirts / Vest tops
  5. Clothing considered revealing or likely to cause embarrassment, e.g. transparent fabrics or low cut tops
  6. Students must not wear clothing that exposes their midriffs, underwear or back areas
  7. Hats / Hoodies or sweatshirts
  8. Belts are to be plain, regular width and designed to hold up trouser or skirts – not as a fashion accessory
  9. No student should have a visible tattoo. Parents are advised to ensure that their children know the implications of this rule.



Hair should be neat and well-cared for. Where hair is of shoulder length or longer it should be tied back in laboratories, workshops and during P.E. for safety reasons. Hair should have the appearance of being natural and no extreme hairstyles are permitted (e.g. lines shaved into hair, number 1 shave, extreme colours, lengths, Mohican styles etc…).  Facial hair must be kept neat and tidy at all time.


Practical Subjects

When completing practical subjects that require a degree of movement the follow sports clothing is permitted.

  • A white T-shirt
  • Black tracksuit bottoms / shorts
  • Black jumper
  • Black socks
  • (These should consist of discreet logos only)
  • Trainers

Whilst giving students freedom to choose the above is non-negotiable and the Senior Leadership and 6th Form Team reserves the right to decide what is considered appropriate and has the authority to withdraw students from lessons and ask them to travel home to change if practical to do so.