Announcing the launch of the Skinners’ Academy App

6th October, 2017

We are proud to launch a Skinners’ Academy app for parents and carers, students, staff, community and beyond. This is being rolled out in the hope that it will become an additional communication channel between you and Skinners’ Academy, not designed to replace existing methods of sending texts, emails and letters but, where relevant, adding to the ways you can interact with us.


It is designed to keep you well informed about your child’s education and life in general at school, and perhaps if incredibly successful after the trial, to help cut down on paper and ink consumption.  We will post school news, events, contact details etc. on the app and at times will also use it as another channel to send important messages.

So whether you are out and about with your phone or at home with access to a tablet you will always have a quick and convenient way to find key information or simply browse.

The Skinners’ Academy app launch is a trial. We are new to using it too so there may be some bumps along the way but we’re aware that if you download this app, and have it on the ‘homepage’ of your phone / tablet etc… this has the potential to be a brilliant tool for staying up to date.


How to download the app

You can get the app if you have an Apple or Android phone and/or tablet.   There are two ways:

Click on one of these links in an email or text on the device itself:

Skinners Academy app (Android)

Skinners Academy app (Apple)

Or visit the Apple app store or Google Play on your device and search for “Skinners’ Academy”.

You may download the app onto multiple devices but will need to install separately on each one.

Parents/Carers, please download the app. Once you do, let us know your thoughts. We’re keen to understand if you like the app, how you are using it… and do also let us know what other information and features we should add to the app and we’ll take your suggestions under consideration.


IMPORTANT TIPS for using the Skinners’ Academy app 

Once you open the app:

  1. Start by visiting the Settings page (see right, reached via ‘More’ tile on Home page) and turn on the year groups you are interested in. The app will then alert you to relevant messages in these categories.

Please leave the Urgent alerts category turned on.  This is for messages from the school to everyone about urgent and whole school matters.

  1. The Alerts tile contains a record of the alert messages you have been sent by the school. The circular counter on the app shows how many Unread messages you have.
  2. It is a good idea to close the app when not in use. This allows content to refresh and you will not miss anything urgent since alert messages will pop up on your phone even when the app is off.
  3. You can find a more detailed guide to navigating the app in the Information section of the app itself.


Please do download the app upon receipt of this information (remember, links are above or you can search for “Skinners’ Academy” on your Apple or Android app provider. Then, follow the set up instructions immediately above.


Looking forward to connecting with you on the new platform.


Skinners' Academy app homepage image Skinners' Academy app - notification settings image