Skinners’ Academy celebrates best ever GCSE results

24th August, 2018

Updated on 10/09/2018

Skinners’ Academy pupils and community are celebrating the Academy’s best ever GCSE results, with 78% of students achieving 5 or more GCSEs at grades 9-4 (67% of students achieving 5 or more GCSEs at grades 9-4 including maths and English).

20% of all grades were 9-7 (equivalent of A*-A in the old system)

Subjects which achieved 100% 9-4 grades include Further Maths, Biology, Physics, Art, Physical Education and most home languages. Subjects achieving over 90% 9-4 grades include Chemistry and History and those at 80% or over include English Literature, Spanish and Religious Studies.

Top results were achieved by Michael Layhe, who is celebrating results including 5 x 9s; 1 x A*; 3 x 8s; 2 x 7s and 1 x 5. While being very modest about his achievements, Michael says “I’m pleased to have achieved grades which give me lots of choices about what to study next and what career to pursue in the future. I appreciate the teachers at Skinners’ Academy and am looking forward to studying subjects I enjoy at A-level, including Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Further Maths, in the Academy’s sixth form.

There were a number of strong GCSE performers including:

  • Deniz Koku (4 x 9s; 1 x A*; 4 x 8s; 2 x 7s;1 x B)
  • Zelal Arda (3 x 9s; 1 x A*; 3 x 8s; 2 x 7s; 1 x 6)
  • Yaw Opoku (3 x 9s; 3 x 8s; 4 x 7s; 1 x B)
  • Charlie Pavlicic (2 x 9s; 2 x As; 6 x 7s; 1 x 6)
  • Meher Kazmi (1 x 9; 5 x 8s; 2 x A; 2 x 7s; 1 x 6)
  • Sude Akdag (1 x 9; 1 x A*; 3 x 8s; 3 x 7s; 2 x 6s; 1 x 5)
  • Hasan Ahmed (1 x 9; 3 x 8s; 1 x A; 4 x 7s; 1 x 6)
  • Pedro Beda (6 x 8s; 4 x 7s; 1 x B)
  • Briana Williams (6 x 8s; 1 x 7s; 3 x 6s)
  • Suleman Mukhtar (3 x 8s; 1 x A; 6 x 7s; 1 x 4)

Briana Williams, who celebrated grades including 6 x 8s; 1 x 7s; 3 x 6s, was excited to share “I was so surprised by my results. The subjects which I struggled with in the past I did extremely well in! I’m really proud of myself and my peers. We did it guys!” She is intending to join the Skinners’ Academy Sixth form to study A-Levels including History, Chemistry, Biology and Music.

Meher Kazmi was also pleased with her grades including 1 x 9s; 5 x 8s; 1 x A; 4 x 7s; 1 x 6 saying “I feel very proud and accomplished. This year was tough but I am very happy with the outcome.” Meher will also be attending Skinners’ Academy sixth form and studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths

Suleman Mukhtar said, “I am greatly indebted to my amazing teachers who pushed me. For me to achieve my dreams in life, I must continue to pour more effort and perseverance into the upcoming years – to achieve better results in my A-levels and Degrees. This only the start and the beginning of a path I want to pave for myself into success.”

Tim Clark, Principal of Skinners’ Academy enthused “We are so proud of our hard working students and dedicated staff who have done themselves proud. It’s exciting to see the Academy’s motto of ‘Be the best you can’ in action with this cohort of pupils who have not only done themselves proud academically but have also thrown themselves into enriching activities including the Duke of Edinburgh programme (more than 85% of this particular year group achieved the Bronze Award) and music performances, including with the National Youth Orchestra earlier this year. Skinners’ Academy is currently the only Hackney school to offer free music lessons to all Year 7 pupils and we look forward to celebrating similar academic and non-academic successes in the coming years.”