Skinners’ Academy Sixth Form open evening & application form

23rd November, 2018

Are you in Year 11 and currently exploring your post-16 study options?

Would you like a choice of a wide range of A-Level and BTEC subjects? 

Do you realise that you would benefit from an environment where you can be independent and closely supported?


If so, the Skinners’ Academy sixth form may be the place for you!

We hope you enjoyed the Skinners’ Academy open evening on Wednesday 21 November at 5pm. 

You can apply to join the sixth form via clicking on the image below.











Year 11 is also the time to make decisions about what sixth form, colleges, apprenticeships etc. to apply to for now, to attend from September 2019. Don’t bury your head in the sand – take charge and make some clear decisions about what should be next on your journey towards your career goals, in consultation with your parents, staff at your school, your careers advisor and more.

These tips may help:

Tip #1: Increase your level of self-awareness

The decision about whether to go to sixth form or college; whether to work towards an apprenticeship (at 16 or 18) or work towards university immediately after sixth form become more difficult if you are not in tune with what you want and need when it comes to maximising your success. Ask yourself:

  • What support and guidance might I need in order to achieve my potential? (Having quality, dynamic UCAS and careers support which help you stand out as an applicant may be worth seeking)
  • Would a fresh start be best for me or do I know I can achieve well where I am?
  • Am I ready to enter employment or would I prefer to stay in education for now?
  • Will I study best somewhere buzzing with thousands of fellow students or will I do better with a smaller number?

There are no right or wrong answers as it’s about what suits you. Next…

Tip #2: Do your research (online and in real life)

  • Make the time to go to sixth form and college open days – it’s the best way to establish whether somewhere may be the place for you.
  • Participate in careers, HE events and/or other employer engagement opportunities where you can connect with professionals in their field – these occasions can inform and inspire you.

Finally, if you decide that sixth form or college is for you…

Tip #3: Choose your subjects carefully

  • Passion for learning is key when you make the jump from GCSEs to post-16 education as it involves lots of independent study. Make sure you choose subjects you enjoy (or are likely to – if it’s a subject you haven’t studied before) and are looking forward to studying in more depth.
  • Check out ‘labour market information and intelligence’ – which highlights where skills shortages exist… and therefore where career opportunities may be abundant in the near future.
  • The Russell Group universities (including Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester, Warwick and LSE) look for at least two A Levels in ‘facilitating subjects’ (such as English Literature, Languages, humanities, maths, and sciences) as this will keep a wide range of degree courses open to you, so do create a balance when choosing your A Level options. For more information about this, Google “Russell Group – Informed Choices”
  • If you prefer a more coursework based, guided approach consider BTECs, which also open doors to many quality universities (and if in doubt, check in with specific universities about their requirements so you are well informed about what they require, instead of guessing)

Good luck, run your own race and be the best you can. Stay positive and keep striving towards your goals. It’ll be worth it.

… And don’t forget to visit the open events for any sixth forms or colleges that you are considering. We look forward to seeing you at ours.