Our Senior Leadership Team

The Skinners’ Academy Senior Leadership Team (SLT) includes six members of staff with varied responsibilities, integral to the leadership of the Academy. The SLT are also supported by the Heads of School. If you would like to contact any of the team, please do so via the enquiries@skinnersacademy.com email address and it will be passed on.



Tim Clark | Principal

Day to day management

Strategic leadership



Behaviour, sanctions and rewards – shared


Zehra Jaffer | Senior Vice Principal




Curriculum Overview

Assemblies & PSHEE

Behaviour, sanctions and rewards (shared)


James Pedlingham | Vice Principal, Chief Financial Officer

Support staff



Human Resources


Timetable & Curriculum development (shared)

Behaviour, sanctions and rewards (shared)


Kwaku Opoku-Ware | Assistant Vice Principal

Head of Science

Yr 6/7 transition and induction (Shared)



Catherine Pasterkamp | Assistant Vice Principal

Head of Health & Social Care

NQT/new staff induction and support

Staff duties

Staff development and CPD

Timetable & Curriculum development (Shared)

Options and setting

Behaviour, sanctions and rewards (Shared)

Vocational courses overview & Quality Nominee for BTec


Patrick Robbins | Assistant Vice Principal

Teaching and Learning & Quality assurance (overview of appraisal)

Lesson observation

Assessment and reporting

Specialism – “Enterprise” in lessons

Monitoring of pupils’ work + work scrutiny

Data (retrieval, analysis, dissemination) & Target setting

CATS testing, reading age tests and other baseline tests

Literacy and numeracy – overview

Behaviour, sanctions and rewards (Shared)


Heads of School:

Yr 6/7 transition and induction (Head of Lower School)     Year 11/12 transition (Head of Upper School and Sixth Form)

Curriculum development

Enrichment and extra-curricular activities

Pupil voice/school council

Pupil premium/intervention

Activities week

Behaviour, sanctions and rewards (Shared)