Pupil Voice / School Council

Skinners’ Academy, Hackney is committed to enabling pupils to play a part in the leadership, development and day to day running of the academy. Pupils’ self-esteem and confidence to voice their opinions constructively are built through the school council and the opportunities it presents. The goal is that all our pupils will be encouraged to serve their school community and exercise their voice as a matter of course.

Each year group has an elected group of pupils that lead on certain aspects within the academy and community (See leadership roles via this link). The academy council is made up of two representatives from each year council who meet termly to bring forward ideas and decide on which projects to undertake.


2014-2015 Key Projects

  • Improving the rewards system across the academy.

It was felt that the rewards system could be improved upon as we have grown as an academy, for both academic success and consistently outstanding behaviour.

A proposal of ideas was drafted with a rationale for the change and suggestions provided on how this could be implemented. Views were taken from students across the academy and presented to the Senior Leadership Team at the end of the year. The Academy has now implemented some of the ideas in order to make a positive change.

A relating item of students accessing information regarding the number of merits / positives has already be implemented with the introduction of the SIMS Learning Gateway.


  • A student’s perspective – what makes an outstanding lesson?

The students felt that there were many lessons in the academy that proved to be outstanding and thus stimulated their learning. As a tool for sharing good practice in the academy they designed and edited a video to be shown to staff during a PLD session. They felt this was an important way of getting across their views with regards to positive teaching and learning.


  • Whole school photograph.

It was suggested that many students would like the opportunity to have a whole academy and possibly year group photos.  The Principal Mr Clark thought this was a lovely idea and this was conducted in April 2015.  Students and parents had the option to purchase these and an example can also be seen in the academies reception. This will now become a permanent feature.


2013-14 Key Projects

  • Involvement in changing the catering tender

This involved meeting potential caterers, sampling menus and feeding back thoughts and opinions. Representatives from the successful bid then met to discuss menu options, designs and layouts. The council are scheduled to regularly meet with the caterers to continually evaluate the service and ensure standards are maintained.


  • Instrumental in setting up a whole academy competition calendar

Feedback from lessons indicated there was not enough competition within the curriculum or between the year groups. Therefore a termly competition calendar has been designed to encourage more fun and engagement between the years, both inside and out of curriculum time. Each pupil will be encouraged to complete at least one competition per term. Each competition gives pupils the opportunity to win points for their houses.