Uniform Guidelines

Years 7 -11

The uniform is formal, reflecting our enterprise culture. It is applied across the Academy and all pupils are expected to adhere to it.

At Skinners’ Academy, we wear our uniform with pride. To demonstrate this, we:

  1. Travel to and from school in full school uniform – with blazer on.
  2. Wear plain black shoes and black or grey socks.
  3. Wear the Academy tie to the waist with our top button fastened (for Year 9, 10 & 11 pupils the tie is red, reflecting their “senior” status)


  • The Academy tie must be worn. The length should be to the waist
  • Shirts should be white and an appropriate size to allow for the top button to be fastened comfortably. The Academy sweater is optional but no other sweater should be worn. Skirt length should be knee length, unless the longer length skirt is chosen.
  • The student ID card/lanyard must be worn at all times.
  • Only the Academy coat or a plain black alternative should be worn – the coat should be suitable to cover the blazer (leather jackets or coats with fur trim etc. are not acceptable).
  • Shoes must be sturdy, leather (or leather in appearance) and plain black – no trainers, heels, patent leather, open toed or slipper type shoes are permitted. Kickers must be plain black and with no tassel or coloured label. Socks/tights may be plain black or plain grey (no over the knee/below the ankle socks).
  • You may only use either the Academy bag or a plain black school bag. This must be free from logos and not a handbag style.
  • No branding should be shown on any clothing/bags/shoes. All clothing should be clearly labelled with the child’s name and Advisory group.
  • Hair should be neat and tidy – not reflecting any extreme style, shaved patterns, lines, dye etc. Only black hair accessories must be worn.
  • The only jewellery permitted is a watch and, where necessary, one single matching pair of small gold or silver ear studs (no diamante or patterns), no hooped earrings are permitted.
  • No make-up should be worn
  • Other items such as scarves, gloves etc. must be plain black or grey.
  • No mobile devices such as phones/MP3s are permitted on the premises – if found they will be returned only to a parent or nominated adult.
  • We expect our pupils to arrive and leave the building in full school uniform every day without exception. Full uniform should be worn to and from the Academy – this includes wearing the appropriate footwear (not trainers).
  • Pupils are unlikely to be allowed onto Academy premises if not appropriately dressed. In these circumstances the Academy will make every effort to ensure parents are informed.





The dress code for both Physical Education and Extracurricular sports clubs / teams for both boys and girls is:

  • Skinners’ Academy T-shirt in House colour. New pupils will be allowed to wear black or white tops until they are informed of their House colours by the PE department in September.
  • Black Skinners’ Academy shortsSkinners’ Academy tracksuit bottoms or plain black (logo free) tracksuit bottoms.
  • Black Skinners’ Academy socks.
  • Black Skinners’ Academy tracksuit top (optional
  • Trainers

Skinners’ Academy uniform is available from:

Rough Cut Casuals
16 Chapel Market
London, N1 9EZ
020 7837 7924