Useful Information

Emergency closure of Skinners’ Academy (in case of snow/adverse weather or other circumstances)

If the Academy needs to close immediately or on short notice, for reasons beyond our control, information will be posted on the Academy website.

The Academy will only ever close in these circumstances if closure is unavoidable.

Please always assume that the Academy will be open for business as usual, unless a notice appears on the website.

In case of emergency closure we are likely to text information to the main parent/carer contact.

Parent/carers need to make sure that Skinners’ have an up to date mobile number at all times, immediately telling us of any changes.


Medical Information

Short term medical conditions

Please fill in the form found here (or which can be collected by your child from the First Aid Office) if your child is prescribed short term medication such as antibiotics, anti-histamines or pain relief. Please bring in, or send via your child, the completed form and the medication to the Academy reception. All medicines must be in their original container, as dispensed (showing the dosage and your child’s name).


Other medical conditions

Please telephone the Academy to discuss with our nurse, Catherine Carroll (RNC).


Non-prescription medication

We are not able to administer non-prescription medication with the exception of paracetamol.  We will only administer paracetamol if the appropriate paracetamol consent form has already been completed and sent back.  The paracetamol form can be downloaded here or collected by your child from the First Aid Office.

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