Skinners’ Academy strives to be a fully inclusive learning organisation. Its primary aim is to promote learning and raise achievement for all. Skinners’ Academy aims to create an e-Learning culture that supports the fulfilment of these primary aims.

The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) provides the ideal platform from which we can ensure that the e-Learning culture permeates every aspect of life. It is a one-stop on-line portal through which learning can be supported in and out of the classroom.


The VLE enables:

  • Pupils to use ICT to raise the standard of their work across the curriculum

  • Pupils to identify and make the most appropriate use of ICT at the point of need

  • Teaching staff to use ICT to support new and existing teaching methods

  • Support the monitoring and analysis of pupil progress to support assessment for learning

  • Facilitate communication between stakeholders

  • Promote learning out of Academy hours and within the wider community


You can access the VLE via the links on the header and footer of pages on this site.