Kidzania – Where Technology & Careers Come to Life

8th March, 2019

In February, Year 7 computing pupils had the opportunity to visit KidZania London in order to help enrich their Key Stage 3 computing curriculum by exploring the uses of technology in different professions and industry sectors. It was great to see a whole range of industries being presented, such as, Air Conditioning, Aviation Academy (our pupils loved that one), Burger Shop, Hospital and A&E, Pet Wellbeing Centre, Starlink Space Station, WWE Academy and much more. This gave pupils the opportunity to learn how technology plays a strong part in different sectors whilst exploring the different careers and enterprising initiatives available out there.

During the trip pupils were able to:

  • Have access to a wide range of activities and workshops that helped them to explore the uses of technology in different professions ranging from medicine, law enforcement and chocolate factory works, and much more.
  • Show their independence by being the ‘adults’ in the KidZania world, making informed decisions about job choices in order to earn wages, this showcased their use of numeracy and communications skills.
  • Watch and engage in practical activities and workshops to develop some of their enterprising skills such as teamwork and problem solving.
  • Manage their own KidZania finances through ‘cold hard cash’ exchanges and bank accounts, some even decided to open a bank account in order to get a credit card to help them withdraw their hard earned ‘money’ as well as use the card to pay for items that used kidZos currency.

This is a trip Ms Rao, our head of computing and ICT has arranged for Year 7 pupils for the past few years and it continues to be an engaging and exciting opportunity for our pupils. Some of their comments about the experience include…

“Loved it!  I saw so much technology and I got to use it in so many different ways.” Shadana Khader, Year 7

“KidZania gave us an idea of how an adult’s life works and all the jobs that they do or can do.”  Ken-Wei Lu, Year 7

“I loved KidZania, it was best experience that I have ever had. I did so many jobs and made a lot of money; I even got a credit card from CBK (Central Bank of KidZania). My favourite activity and job was going to Nintendo Labo.  It was so much fun; I wish I could go again.”  Mercedes Xavier, Year 7

“It was so much fun! I earned 70 KidZos and I could even get a bank card.”  Narin Durak, Year 7


Our pupils clearly enjoyed the fun and realistic insight into the adult world provided by KidZania.