What I enjoy about Skinners’ Academy is that wherever you turn, teachers will always be there to help you learn and succeed in school and in the future by teaching you skills you might need such as a GCSE in A level Maths or a degree in Chemistry. This benefits me by making me feel that I’ll have the best chance in life and I will be able to fulfil my maximum potential.

Aishah, Year 11


What makes Skinners’ Academy unique is that we had the advantage of starting our GCSE’s in Year 9. We also have the opportunity to join after-school clubs and revision lessons where we can receive additional support.

Naeema, Year 11


What I like about Skinners’ Academy is the friendly community spirit with individual care provided for each pupil.

Ezgi, Year 11


Former Sixth Form Students

Skinners’ was the best place to carry out my Business BTEC as the expertise in Business, Enterprise and ICT really helped me to achieve my goals. From having no knowledge of business before the course, I managed to achieve very high grades of D*D*D (400 UCAS points) and am going on to study International Business & Chinese (Mandarin) at university. I love Skinners’ because the teachers were always there to listen and help us at any time. 

Daniela, Class of 2012
Now at the University of Middlesex


Skinners’ is my second home because the staff and pupils have created such a warm and caring environment. Being a Year 13 Maths student, I strongly believe that the Academy has the best Maths department, which is reflected upon my 100% in exams. The teachers here are extremely passionate about the subject they teach; therefore students are very engaged in learning and propelled to do well.

Samroz, Class of 2013
Attending Kings College London from Autumn 2013 – to study Maths


Skinners’ Academy’s Sixth Form is not only good when it comes down to learning, achieving the best grades and teacher-student support but also its great in a sense where we have the opportunity to take part in amazing projects and events. I had the opportunity to be part of a project with the Ideas Foundation, an employability programme ‘Rep London’ and participating in a Women in Leadership Conference. Being a part of these projects gave me the opportunity to explore and gain essential key values.

Philomena, Class of 2013
Attending the University of Hertfordshire from Autumn 2013




“Skinners’ Academy has provided a safe, challenging, and supportive environment for my son’s learning.  The Academy has recognised his skills and has helped him to develop them. He is encouraged to stretch his learning by trying things outside his comfort zone therefore resulting in his growth and appreciation that not everyone is the same and that all types of learning are valid.

Parent of a Year 10 pupil


Skinners’ Academy is the perfect choice of school if you desire an excellent education for your child. It is a safe and happy learning environment with staff who genuinely care about your child. My son’s experience has been full of positivity and adventure culminating in him taking part in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, something that he will never forget.

Parent of a Year 11 pupil




The best thing about Skinners’ Academy is that every pupils individual needs are catered for. This helps them to reach their future goals.

Catherine O’Neill, Head of PE


I enjoy working at Skinners’ Academy. We have a diverse range of extra-curricular activities which enable our pupils to develop new skills. 

Faisal Ahmed, Teacher of Science & Acting Head of Year 8