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Opportunities to develop professional and social skills through interaction with performers, clients and peers; as well as theoretical and technical knowledge and understanding to underpin these skills. 


Develop conceptual ideas, and visualise these all the way through the production cycle; from planning and pre-production right through to editing, postproduction and presentation of products. 


Learn how to analyse target audience requirements, research market demand and bring a media concept alive working in line with legal and regulatory requirements, in a safe and effective way, protecting themselves and those they’re working with from injury or harm.

Gain an understanding of how different businesses and organisations in the media sector work. 

Explore progression routes or employment, learning about the variety of opportunities available, and the roles and responsibilities of media businesses and organisations
within the sector.


Media products and audiences

  • Understand the ownership models of media institutions

  • Understand how media products are advertised and distributed

  • Understand how meaning is created in media products

  • Understand the target audiences of media products

  • Evaluate research data used by media institutions

  • Evaluate legal, ethical and regulatory issues associated with media products


Pre-production and planning

  • Understand the factors that need to be considered during the planning of a media product

  • Interpret client requirements and target audience considerations

  • Plan the pre-production of a media product

  • Create and evaluate pre-production documents for a new media product


Create a media product

  • Create a proposal with sample materials for an original media product to a client brief

  • Plan and develop preproduction materials for an original media product to a client brief

  • Create production materials for an original media product to a client brief

  • Carry out post-production techniques and processes for an original media product to a client brief


The creation and use of sound in media

  • Understand how sound elements are used across media industries

  • Know the techniques and processes used to create sound elements

  • Plan the production of sound elements for identified media purposes

  • Record, edit and review sound elements


Advertising media

  • Know how existing advertising campaigns embed advertisements across a range of media products

  • Plan a cross media advertising campaign to a client brief

  • Produce the planned media components



  • Cambridge Technicals. Level 3 Digital Media - Cambridge Technicals 2016 - Victoria Allen, Karl Davis, Richard Howe, Ian Marshall, Kevin Wells

  • Please note: Students can view a range of websites and/or videos specific to their digital asset needs such as video, sound, and animation.


Exam Papers

Paper 1: Media products and audiences

2hrs (20%)
Paper 2: Pre-production and planning

2hrs (20%)


Non-exam Assessments

Coursework: Create a media product 


Coursework: The creation and use of sound in media  


Coursework: Advertising media




Digital Media / Digital Film Production / Game Art Animation / Computer Games Design and Development / Games Programming / Visual Effects Animation / Web Development / Creative Film, Television and Digital Media Production


Graphic Designer / Television / Social Media Officer / Web Designer / Games Developer / Applications Developer / Digital Marketer / Editorial Assistant / Multimedia Specialist / UX Analyst / UX Designer / VFX Artist / Web Content Manager / Specialist Digital Media Teacher




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