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Year 11 & 13 Examinations/Results Advice

A message to parents, carers, Year 11 pupils and Year 13 students

RE: Ofqual advice and guidance about arriving at GCSE and A Level examination grades

Today we have received the long awaited further information about how grades will be formulated and communicated for Year 11 GCSE subjects and Year 13 A level subjects. I am very aware that this has been the focus of much speculation, worry and concern from all of you – and from us!

Here is a 'Letter from Ofqual' and a 'Booklet of Guidance' aimed at teachers, pupils, students, parents and carers.

The guidance is complex and lengthy. There are many implications for the Academy staff in interpreting requirements and developing a strategy and timeline over the coming weeks and months.

Three immediate issues are clear:

  • The deadline for us to arrive at grades will not be later than May 29th 2020

  • We are unable to discuss grades or the process we are required to adopt with individual pupils, students or with their parents or carers

  • Grades will not be published until on or about the dates that examination results would have been available in August 2020

We will send out further clear information after the Easter break. Please do not contact individual teachers about your grades. They will be unable to respond.

If there are any queries about the process after you have read the attached document, please get in touch with the Academy and we will do our best to answer them.

We know that this timeline will lead to further anxiety and stress and we promise that we will do our utmost to help with this. We will keep you informed as much as we are allowed to about the process as it goes along. We promise that we will be as fair as we possibly can be in adopting and managing the required process for every individual pupil and student.

With best regards

John Beighton, Interim Principal

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