Participating in extracurricular activities has a positive effect on pupils success. Young people who participate in extracurricular activities demonstrate higher levels of academic achievement, greater character development, greater social development, and a greater sense of the importance of community involvement.

Our staff offer a range of enrichment activities to enhance the skills and interests of our pupil.  The table below shows some examples of the type of enrichment activities available at the Academy.


Club Information


  • GCSE Textiles club - Opportunity for pupils to use tools, equipment & machinery that they do not have at home to do hw & catch-up tasks. Or to simply improve their skills. 

  • Science Club - Conducting science experiments and discussing the scientific method.

  • DT club - Help w/ Designing and making skills, HW and Catch up. 

  • Academy Production Rehearsals - Rehearsals for the whole school musical production. 

  • First Story Young Writers' Programme - A creative writing programme led by a published writer which will result in students becoming published authors by the end of the academic year.