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Springboard Future Chef Competition

Alaana N (Y9) makes it to the Regional Finals of the Springboard Future Chef Competition

In October the Design & Technology department ran a Future Chef school heat competition open to Years 9-11. Ten pupils were selected to take part, they had to make and present a main meal in 60 minutes and with a budget of £5.

All ten pupils (Omer, Tala, Maya, Promesse, Sabrina, Brandon, Alaana, Sara, Nia and Abubaker) did an excellent job. The presentation of the dishes was so professional, and they tasted good enough to be served in a restaurant. Each pupil who participated received a certificate from Springboard and ten positives.

Unfortunately, there could only be two winners Alaana N, Year 9 and Maya P, Year 10. Both pupils went on to represent Skinners’ at the Local heat of the competition which took place in November at Waltham Forest College’s catering department.

Alaana N and Maya P competed against pupils from five other schools. All Contestants were judged on their Creativity, Presentation, Workmanship Skills and Techniques, Composition, Taste and Flavour.

Alaana decided to make Kizhi Parotta, an Indian dish consisting of Chicken, Vegetables, Spices and Paratha wrapped and steamed in Banana leaves, and Maya decided to make Pad Thai, a traditional Thai dish with noodles, stir fried with a sweet-savoury-sour sauce.

Similar to their first heat in school, both pupils had to stick to a budget of £5 and cook their dish in 60 minutes. No teachers were allowed to be present in the room as pupils had to work fully independently. They were judged by professional chefs from companies such as Hilton Hotels, Nestle, Marriot and Foodittude. Alaana won the local heat, going on to represent Skinners’ Academy at the Regional Finals.

Alaana N was coached by a professional chef as part of her prize for winning the local heat and spent weeks practicing her final dish in preparation for the Regional Final. She did so well at the regional finals, but unfortunately did not progress further into the competition. The judges were very impressed with her creativity and skill, and have encouraged her to apply again next year. Well done Alaana N!

I have really enjoyed taking part in the Future Chef Competition. I made a traditional Indian dish with fresh ingredients and Spices. I am proud of how far I have come in this competition. ~ Alaana N, Year 9

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