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D of E Bronze

98 Year 10 pupils did an excellent job in completing their D of E Bronze Award expedition recently, to Epping Forest.

They had to read maps and follow routes to hit checkpoints and navigate their way around the forest, whilst carrying their clothes, cookers and tents in backpacks. In the evening, pupils set up their tents at camp then cooked pre-planned meals in their groups.

Throughout the expedition pupils worked in small groups and developed important skills such as leadership, teamwork, resilience, and determination. All showed good navigation skills to complete the routes set, and enjoyed the cooking and camping in the evening!

The expedition is the final part of the Bronze Award after completing their physical section through doing rock climbing, their skills section through learning first aid, and their volunteering section in their own time. For those who haven’t completed their volunteering section, there is still time to complete it over the summer holidays.

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