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'I’m going to Cambridge' exclaims delighted Year 11 pupil

With results including two 9s; four 8s; two 7s and 2 6s, one Year 11 pupil from Skinners’ Academy quipped “I’m going to Cambridge” in delight as she opened GCSE results of which she was clearly proud.

While of course these pupils won’t actually be applying to university for another year, the sense of celebration and accomplishment in the Academy was notable and the future possibilities are exciting.

This year saw Skinners’ Academy pupils achieve some quality results, with some of the year’s cohort achieving two grades more progress than predicted.

Subjects which achieved 100% 9-4 grades include Biology, Chemistry, Physics and most home languages. Subjects achieving over 90% 9-4 grades include Spanish and Art and those at 80% or over include Further Maths, English Literature, History, Food Tech, Music, Physical Education and BTEC Health & Social Care.

Top results were achieved by pupils including Abged Siddig; Summer Gayle, Berfin Kos and Muhammed Abubakar.

Kehinde Shomuyiwa, who celebrated grades including 3 x 8s; 1 x 7s and 5 x 6s representing results which far exceeded her targets said...

I was so worried about results day, especially my maths grade… I couldn’t even sleep the night before but when I saw my results I was so happy I cried for half an hour. I achieved grades 6-8 in my subjects and it was probably the best day of my life so far! I couldn’t have done it without some special teachers, especially Ms Swapna. I’m looking forward to studying Physical Education, English Literature, Government & Politics and Spanish A-Levels at Skinners’ Academy Sixth Form from September!”

Tim Clark, Principal of Skinners’ Academy stated...

Once again, we are so pleased for our Year 11 pupils, many of whom saw that their hard work really does yield great results. Our highest achieving pupil this year is also one of the Academy’s most talented musicians and an excellent representation of our ‘be the best you can’ motto. We wish them every success for the future and are looking forward to welcoming many back to the sixth form this Autumn.”

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