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Prize Giving 2022-2023

On 16 November 2023, Skinners’ Academy held our annual Prize Giving ceremony, celebrating the numerous achievements of our pupils during the 2022-2023 academic year.

Prizes were presented by the Master of The Skinners’ Company, Mr Timothy Haynes and were awarded to pupils for progress in subject areas, overall academic achievement and services to the Academy. This year’s Skinners’ Way prize was awarded to Jasmine Joseph, Year 11, for holding the Academy’s core values in high regard and demonstrating them consistently and to the highest standard.

This year we saw the return of Alumni, Joyce Amisi, who left Skinners’ in 2021 and is currently studying Social Work at Middlesex University. Joyce delivered a truly inspiring speech, sharing all the opportunities she was given during her time at Skinners’ Academy, like being named captain of the Netball team and Steel Band, and how these opportunities have shaped her into the person she is today.

Finally, we can not talk about Prize Giving without mentioning our amazing musical performances throughout the night. Various pupils played piano solos to guests as they entered the event, we were treated to a solo violin piece by Clifford Panganiban, Year 10, a performance of ‘Girl Put Your Records On’ by our Choir who were supported by the Academy Band, and the evening was brought to an end by our ever entertaining Steel Band. What a talented group of pupils we have, thank you to our music department for arranging such beautiful pieces to share with us.

A special thanks goes to Restore the Music, a music education charity who has donated to us over the years and are largely responsible for the impressive equipment inventory we have at Skinners’ Academy which allows our musicians to further develop their talents.

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