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These Kids Can’t Stop Winning Things!

Restore the Music - Battle of the Bands 2022

On 7 July, Skinners’ Academy competed at Restore the Music’s ‘Battle of the Bands’ against bands from 11 other schools across London. Our band performed an original composition ‘Unfaithful’ written by Samia A, Year 11.

Click here to watch their performance.

Whilst the group did not receive the coveted title of ‘Best in Show’, Samia and her co-singer Regina, Year 8, were awarded the ‘Best Individual Performance’ title for their incredible vocal work!

All pupils involved in our band were outstanding and represented the Academy with great poise and confidence. They put so much hard work into rehearsals, even coming in on our recent Inset Day to have a final run-through!

Well done to the following:

Samia A, Year 11 - Lead Vocals

Regina I, Year 8 - Vocals

Jasmine J, Year 9 - Acoustic Guitar

Amelia R, Year 7 - Piano

Isabella A, Year 7 - Ukulele

Tianna M, Year 7 - Drums

Lana D, Year 7 - Bass

Daniel W, Year 7 - ‘Roadie’ (life-saver of the day, honestly!)

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