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We Set Sail to Treasure Island!

It’s a dark and stormy night In January. Jim (Jasmine J, Y10) and our talented crew of pupils from Year 7 - Year 11 welcomed audiences on-deck of the ship Hispaniola, delivering three

stunning performances of the famous ‘Treasure Island’.

Jim and her crew set sail on their dangerous voyage, eager to find a lost treasure. Little did they know, Long John Silver (Shai H, Y11), his trusted parrot Captain Flint (Bella B, Y7) and his band of pirates had managed to trick their way on board as fellow ‘shipmates’. Once Silver and his pirates’ real identities were exposed a murderous race ensued, who would find the

treasure first? With a little help and a spectacular performance from Ben Gunn (Yara U, Y8) - Jim and her crew returned home victorious.

Well done to all the cast, band, backstage crew and staff who took part in Treasure Island. All three performances were dramatic and captivating, none of it could have happened without all your dedication.

Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic story of murder, money and mutiny, premiered at London’s National Theatre in December 2014, in a thrilling adaptation by Bryony Lavery.

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