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Winter Concert

On 19 December 2023, pupils from across the Academy came together to produce a Winter Concert showcasing all the wonderful work they had been creating both in their instrumental lessons and in the ensembles that take place after school.

The concert, as in previous years, proved a fantastic opportunity for our young people to show off everything they have learned and provide a wonderful end to their Winter term instrumental tuition. It was delightful to see so many new faces joining the concert this year, both from our new Year 7 cohort, and from pupils who have been with us a number of years and have decided to contribute to the wider life of the Academy through music.

As well as our talented performers, the Music Department would like to extend a special thanks to the parents who attended this event. Your support of your child’s musical experience at Skinners’ Academy is appreciated more than words can express, both by your child and by the staff who have the pleasure of nurturing their talents. Additionally, we extend thanks to the pupils who came to support their peers at this fantastic event, which did not go unnoticed. To have our Academy community come together at the end of the Winter term to share the love of music was an absolute delight and we look forward to the Spring Concert in March.

If your child is interested in taking up instrumental lessons at Skinners’ Academy, or partaking in one of the termly concerts, please contact the Music Department on or send an EduLink message to your child’s Music Teacher.

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