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Year 11 Results 2021

Congratulations to our Year 11 cohort who have achieved some quality grades today.

With final grades based on teacher assessments and their last two years of study disrupted by the pandemic, our pupils have made it through and have a lot to celebrate.

This year’s cohort achieved two grades higher than their target. 70% of pupils achieved 4+ in both English and Maths and over 60% achieved 5 or more 4+ grades (including English & Maths). In addition, 1in 5 pupils achieved a strong pass in EBacc

Top results were achieved by pupils including Rudi D and Nathaniel D, who both achieved ten 9 and 8s. Rimshah A, Zakariya R, Rodja T, Haaruun M and Eren A made incredible progress gaining 3 grades higher than their targets on average.

Nathaniel D achieved seven 9s and three 8s, he said…

“I am so happy and amazed by my results. The pandemic has meant that I had to complete a lot of my classwork and assessment preparation independently, I’m glad my hard work has paid off. I am undecided on exactly what my career path will be just yet, but I will be going to college and I am excited for what the future will bring.”

Shereka James, Principal of Skinners’ Academy said…

“In the midst of one of the most challenging school years, I am extremely proud of our students and their achievements. They and their teachers have worked incredibly hard this year and I am delighted to be able to witness the fruits of this work. I look forward, with excitement, to seeing what they will achieve in the future”

The sense of celebration and accomplishment in the Academy was notable and the future possibilities are exciting.

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