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Skinners' Academy in partnership with our catering provider Olive Dining, aim to ensure that pupils have the opportunity to enjoy high quality fresh food and varied range of options for morning break and lunch.


Our updated Price List will be available shortly.

Lunch Menu


Week 1: 4, 25 Sep, 16 Oct, 6, 27 Nov, 18 Dec

Week 2: 11 Sep, 2, 23 Oct, 13 Nov, 4 Dec

Week 3:  18 Sep, 9, 30 Oct, 20 Nov, 11 Dec

Olive's Meal Deal

Olive Catering’s meal deal is a set meal comprising:-

  • main course (vegetarian options available) / street food main

  • dessert

  • small bottle of water (330 ml)

This meal deal is charged to students at £2.55; and is free to pupils entitled to Free School Meals.



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