We believe that Remote Learning and learning in the classroom are not that different. Pupils need a teacher to explain content and they need opportunities to practice and demonstrate what they have learned. As such, we follow the full timetable as per normal school and expect all students to attend every lesson. 


Please click on this link to learn more about how we are delivering learning remotely.

Providing Remote Education - Information for Parents


  • Lessons take place on Microsoft Teams and are scheduled in pupil calendars

  • Pupils will be listening to presentations, completing quizzes, writing assignments, discussing topics just like in a normal school day

  • Lessons will not involve a full hour of presentation from the teacher. There will often be independent work for pupils to complete

  • Homework is not set at KS3 and 4 but remains for KS5


Here is a summary of the Apps students will be using:


Email – for contacting teachers and for receiving important messages



Pupil exercise book – for taking notes and answering written questions. It is called ‘Class Notebook’ within Teams and contains subject content



Video calling and the App within which you can find other teaching resources. Teachers can use Teams to share Class Notebooks and to set Assignments. Also has a chat function for discussing work and messaging teachers



Quizzes and Question papers - Pupils can get instant feedback on what they know



Teachers may share their Powerpoint slides with pupils



Teachers may share Word docs with pupils

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