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Judo Champions

Congratulations to our future Olympic Judo hopefuls Samir K (Y9), Bilal K (Y11) and Henry F (Y9) who competed in two Judo competitions recently resulting in all three bringing home multiple medals. The competitions were held at UEL (University of East London) and Moberly Judo Club.

Samir K (Red Belt) has been training in Judo for 7 years. These two events are the first time he has ever competed. He did incredibly well, earning a Silver at UEL and a Gold at Moberly.

Bilal K (Yellow Belt) has been training for 7 years and has enjoyed developing his Judo techniques. He earned a Gold at UEL and a Silver at Moberly.

Henry H (Yellow Belt) has been training in Judo for almost 9 years. As well as the competitions at UEL & Moberly, he also competed at Faversham Judo Club. Henry won three Golds! One at each competition.

All three boys have truly dedicated themselves to Judo, training 3-4 times a week after school with their sensei at Hackney Judo Club, and sometimes travelling to other clubs to train. They hope to represent Skinners’ Academy at the 2023 British Schools Championships. Their ultimate goal is to represent Great Britain/Algeria at the Olympics someday.

Samir, Bilal and Henry should all be extremely proud of themselves. We as an Academy are definitely proud of them and look forward to seeing what the future holds for these young athletes.

Keep your eyes peeled for some videos of these athletes competing. Also, read our Spring Newsletter (April 1st 2022) where you can find out more about the boys’ experiences with Judo.

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